Resources for Teams

2017 Season Materials

2017 WPAFLL Coaches Call Presentation – September 7, 2017 – 1 – Coaches Meeting Materials 2017 PDF
For a limited time, the recorded session can be access here: WebEx Recording

2016 Season  – Archive

     2016 WPAFLL Coaches Call – Championship Prep – December 15, 2016 2016-western-pa-fll-grand-championship-virtual-coaches-meeting


Transforming teaching: FIRST LEGO league as a classroom resource for 21st century learning (PDF)
Table Construction
Official table building instructions (PDF)
Light-weight portable table option created by FLL Inventioneers: STOW-or-GO Practice Table
Design Squad Nation – Activities to get ideas flowing


Project How To Video – Official video on how to tackle the FLL project
FLL blog posts about the project by Heidi Buck, official FLL blog correspondent
Which comes FIRST, the Project or the Robot?
Engineering the Project
Forward Thinking Field Trips
How to Turn the Lightbulb On
The Dragon Ate my Project!
Elevator Pitch
Watch this series on the FLL Project (9 episodes) by Heidi Buck, official FLL blog correspondent.

Robot Game

       premium venue for individuals and businesses around the world to buy and sell new, used, and vintage LEGOS. private independent site featuring LEGO sculptures, mosaics, news, reviews, and building tips & tricks. magazine highlighting many aspects of the LEGO community cool LEGO building stuff more cool LEGO stuff including a list of part numbers and names, color chart, sets, building instructions. for LEGO castle aficionados LEGO blog for adult fans of LEGO International LEGO Users Group Network, a global community of LEGO enthusiasts
The Art of LEGO Design by Fred Martin (PDF) – guide to building with LEGO
Programming  – Hands down the best Ev3 programming site around.  Started and managed by Pittsburgh’s own, Droid Robotics, this site is full of lessons and resources that can help every FLL team from beginner to advanced.  Really fantastic.
 Educational Robots for Absolute Beginners NEW! Designed for K-12 teachers, but free and open to all who are interested, this self-paced online course teaches the fundamentals of LEGO NXT-G robot programming and introduces LEGO NXT robots to teachers and prospective or beginning FLL coaches.  No prior background in programming or robotics is necessary. Participants who complete a set of 5 robot programming products can earn a certificate of completion.
EV3 Programming Tutorial
Classroom Materials
Carnegie Mellon comprehensive FIRST LEGO League robotics and engineering resources can be found at the Robotics Academy site.  Also offers free online training and access to free materials for students who are members of the Robotics Academy’s Computer Science Student Network (CS2N).  Online training covers everything teams need to know to be successful at programming their FLL robots.
NASA Educational Robotics Matrix list of robotics and engineering educational materials. Not all materials here apply to FIRST LEGO League.
Tufts Center for Engineering Educational Outreach encyclopedia of LEGO part names and uses, building and programming hints, and physics concepts.  Also ~40 classroom activities and ideas using LEGO elements and ROBOLAB to help teach subjects from science and engineering to reading and art are available to download.  Additional activities can be found under LEGO Invent & Investigate Database.


What to Bring to an Event:
      • Robot and attachments
      • Signed consent and release forms
      • Parts kit
      • Print-out of programs and robot specifications page
      • Materials, props, equipment needed for Project presentation.
      • Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adapter, extra batteries, extension cords
      • Team scrapbook
      • Team banner, posters, or other decorations for pit space
      • Snacks and drinks
      • Storage box for personal items
      • USB table or IR tower
      • Team information page
      • Fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams (pins, hats, personalized team playing cards)


Engineering & Career Resources – NASA Robotics Alliance Project – lots of links with career information for children – created by the National Academy of Engineering – American Society of Civil Engineering kids’ pages – complete list of Accredited Engineering Degrees – resources and information about careers available in engineering


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