Sewickley Academy FLL Regional Major Results Are In!

It is official!  Sewickley Academy is a great place to have an FLL Tournament.  The School opened up its entire campus this past weekend for nineteen teams to come and participate in a fantastic robotics tournament.   The Pit Area for the teams was based in the beautiful Hansen Library, The Judging Rooms in the Middle School, and the Table Competition was based in the Alumni Gymnasium – and a world-class Concession Stand was provided by the Senior School Robotics Teams (with – I’m not kidding you – THE BEST HUMMUS in the world!).

Special thanks to Stephanie Roccon – who is the Middle School technology coordinator, the coach of the ferocious S.A. RoboPanthers, and a great event coordinator – for making everything run so smoothly.  Thanks also to Jeff Zemsky, Julia Tebbets, Ben Spicer, Lori Yost and rest of the the army of Sewickley Academy volunteers who supported the event.  Finally a special shout out to Billy S. for both his direct help in setting up and running the tournament as well as for what ever role he might have played in getting that world-class, awesome Hummus to be served at the concession stand!

Throughout the day, spectators were treated to an impressive display of engineering and Robotic fun – including some great strategy at the table game!  The results of your many weeks of hard work were clearly evident!

Congratulations to the following award winning teams:

Overall Champions Awards

  • First Place Award – Team # 4319 – Brick Busters Team 
  • Second Place Award – Team # 3477 – Chaotic Robotic
  • Third Place Award – Team # 7934 – Triple Mindsurge Team

Robot Performance Awards

  • First Place Award – Team # 4051
  • Second Place Award – Team # 4319
  • Third Place Award – Team # 3477
Robot Design Awards

  • First Place Award – Team # 4051
  • Second Place Award – Team # 9062
Programming Awards

  • First Place Award – Team # 10313 – The Sewickley Academy RoboPanthers
  • Second Place Award – Team # 14935
Research Project Awards

  • First Place Award – Team # 14843
  • Second Place Award – Team # 5124
Team Work / Core Values Award

  • First Place Award – Team # 5124
  • Second Place Award – Team # 7246

Four more participants earned a Golden Ticket providing them with automatic entry into the Western PA FLL Grand Championship to be held on January 19th at Carnegie Mellon’s NREC facility in Pittsburgh.  Congratulations to 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th teams to be officially entered in the Western PA Championship tournament:

  • Team # 4319 – Brick Busters
  • Team # 3477 – Chaotic Robotic
  • Team # 7934 – Triple Mindsurge Team 
  • Team # 14843 – Holy Sep. Robotic Hornets 2
The full results with the relative rankings by category for every team can be found at –Sewickley Academy Regional FLL – Final Results.

The tournament committee would also like to bestow an Honorary Champions Award upon Mrs. Sullivan for both her amazing Hummus as well as THE WORLD’S MOST DELICIOUS BAKLAVA!  Seriously, the best Baklava we’ve ever had!  If we weren’t so busy hosting robot tournaments, we would start a series of Baklava competitions,,, though in the end I can promise you it would be pointless because Mrs. Sullivan would walk away with all of the awards every time!

Hope everyone had fun at the Sewickley Academy FLL Regional Major.  See you there next season!

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