Whats New for 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Western PA FLL Tournament Series and Championship
— and to another exciting FLL Season in Western PA!


The Western PA FLL Leadership Team is excited to be supporting many different FLL events in our region including a Grand Championship that every registered team in the region will be able to qualify for.


Notes about this year (for those who’ve competed here in the past…)


  • The City Shaper Challenge will be released on August 1st this year and our region will be having a kickoff celebration on August 3rd at 4401 Gates Hillman Building at Carnegie Mellon University
  • As with the last two years, we will be running two separate divisions throughout the season and at the championship – The OPEN Division and the SCHOLASTIC Division.  Both divisions will be represented in all scheduled events.  Teams select their division by purchasing the associated Season Pass on this website. Teams may switch divisions with tournament director approval up til November 1st.
  • The most significant change for the 2019 season is that we will be that our two divisional grand championships will be held on separate days this year (SCHOLASTIC Division on Saturday, December 14th and OPEN Division on Sunday, December 15th).  The Championships will be held at Sewickley Academy, in Sewickley, PA.
  • We have some new venues this year… and more details will be forthcoming shortly

Teams that want to participate in the Western PA Tournament Series and Championship will need to register their team on this website.  Buy the season pass (Starting in mid-August) for the division you want to participate in and then get ready for the event sign-up process that will start the second week in September.  Information on the process will be sent out to teams that have registered.